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5 Facts About Brain Health You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Facts About Brain Health You Probably Didn’t Know
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The head of the human body and the core functioning leader to our organic system, the human brain has always been known as the most complex organ in the body. The human brain works with all the experience it has undergone to plan and execute each action accordingly. So now, after decades of research, we have found that the human brain has many less known facts that most of us are unaware of.

Let us look at five facts about brain health you probably didn’t know:

1. Unhealthy Consuming Behavior Equals Cognitive Loss

We are always told that an unhealthy consuming pattern regarding foods affects our health and brain negatively. Interestingly, consumption of unhealthy foods can also harm our memory and brain longevity. It is found that the diet which is to blame is the Standard American Diet (SAD) which contains excessive salts, bad fats and even higher amount of sugar.

2. Adopting A Gluten And Dairy Free Diet Enhances Brain Functioning

Many-a-times people are reported to suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) problems when they consume dairy and Gluten products. Experts recommend that these people consider cutting dairy and gluten products from their daily diet to boost their GI health and brain health. This benefits in improving digestive tract’s ability to absorb the required minerals and nutrients from the diet.

Children with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism have also been advised to start consuming dairy and gluten-free diets by some leading experts. There have been cases where the parents of the affected children have shared their experience on improvement by adopting this new diet pattern. To protect from adverse effects on the brain, the people who have food allergies are recommended to limit dairy and gluten product consumptions as these allergies might negatively affect the brain. There are also other benefits with Gluten and Dairy free diets such as combating mood disorders, Asperger and migraine headaches.

3. Low-Fat Diet: A Good Way To Harm Your Brain Power

As the new trends are coming up to improve our health and body, the obsession of people with low-fat foods results in a decline in brain function. The fats play an essential role in the brain to work in prime condition, and when we start a low-fat diet, it directly affects the brain and results in declining brain health. It is said that over 60% of the weight of the brain is made up of fats and consuming the right diet helps in boosting the brain and its functioning. Cheap oils with Omega 6 fatty acids and trans fats are the big NO NO as they are unhealthy for your brain and body.

4. The Human Brain Is Everchanging

Due to neuroplasticity what-neuroplasticity, the brain does not work the same way we expect throughout our lives as it is everchanging. This process or the transformation helps the brain to build new connections, generate new neurons, improve memories and train to learn new ideas. This is the reason we work so hard to reduce brain aging by adopting new healthy diets and consume different supplements.

5. The Brain Requires A Healthy Diet

The brain health experts have always advised that we should have proper nutrition which uplifts our energy levels, mood, concentration, and focus while reducing our anxieties and brain fog. To improve our brain health, a diet with 70% plant-based foods and 30% protein filled foods can result in boosting our brain power. The various forms of healthy fats also help in improving our brain health.

Our brain is a mystery, and this is what makes researchers and scientists study the human brain every day. This has allowed each new research study to be helpful to humanity in understanding the less known facts about the brain.


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5 Facts About Brain Health You Probably Didn’t Know
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